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4400 Media Group offers exclusive network discounts for national advertising campaigns.

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Per Inquiry

Only pay for the calls you receive.


With most advertising campaigns, you make a buy and hope it generates the results you’re looking for. Ad agencies, placement services and sales reps often ask you to spend tens of thousands of dollars without any guarantee that anyone is going to call, much less convert to a return on your investment.

That’s where we can help.

We work together with you and our media partners to develop a campaign where you only pay for the calls you receive.

No more guesswork or blindly hoping that the money you invest on advertising will yield results. 'Per Inquiry' advertising only requires you to pay for real, quality leads produced from the media you place with us.

Our proven methodology, track record for productive campaigns, and our partnerships with media outlets all across America, ensure every dollar you spend is one you can instantly recover from a quality lead. Contact us today to learn more about how a PI campaign could work for you.